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 Thanks for visiting Integrity Auto Brokers. With over 20 years experience as running sales departments as a lead desk manager I have structured over 10000 deals to benefit the dealer. I have trained 100's of sales people and sales managers. While most sales people get paid a flat fee when they sell a vehicle the management gets paid commission. There lies the disparage. The sales person works on volume as does management but  sales managers and salespeople get paid differently. I have trained 100's of sales people and sales managers for large dealerships I have worked with. The difference now is  I work for you my client and is the reason I charge a flat fee. I'm not on commission therefore everything I do is in you're best interest.  There are many different ways the dealer makes money and most consumers typically miss one aspect of the deal that ends up costing them money. For a nominal fee of $499, my relentless pursuit of the best deal for you will save you money, time, aggravation and frustration. Most consumers say the they dislike going to car dealerships.  Do you think you can beat the dealership? Most customers that say they do can't give me the price they paid, the interest rate or equivalent money factor for leasing. I say how much over invoice did you pay? Not sure, well than you're leaving money on table. Do you need gap insurance? How about an extended service contract? Many ways Dealers make money. 

  For a nominal fee of $499 I will come to you're office, home, my office, dealership, or location of you're preference. There is no charge for initial consultation. If you decide to use our services we collect a deposit of $250 and the balance when car is delivered to you. I typically save my clients anywhere from $1000-$2500. You're time is worth more than sitting in a dealership for 4-6 hours and not knowing what the heck is going on. Let us help you get the best deal. Call or text with any questions. I work by appointment only but my schedule is very flexible to meet my client's needs.

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